Inspired by “Kalpa” – as the soul of time – Kalpa brings to you a range of agri produces which are food for soul and commits to health “forever”.

Kalpa is also dedicated to helping farmers utilize the land to its maximum potential with least impact to Earth and humans. Kalpa deals in a wide range of green Insecticides, pesticides, fertilizer, micro- nutrients and various tools to help farmers maximize their produce.

Our Distribution Network

We have a country wide distribution network for agriculture products.

Agri Inputs

Kalpa specialises in nationwide distribution and retail of Agri Inputs like insecticides, Pesticides, fertilisers, micronutrients and farming tools.
Kalpa represents FMC in Nepal with a strong presence in institutions like suagr Mills and organised farms in a bid to organise the sector and help farmers protect their crop.





Food Products

Kalpa deals in a portfolio of products ranging from local and imported grains to whole wheat flour under the brand Kalpa.

Whole Wheat Flour

Split Yellow Peas

Toor Lentils

Black Mapte Lentils

Masoor Lentils

Our Services

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We provide on the ground training to farmers on how to use our products.

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